Performance Management Timeline

Performance Management Timeline

Over the next year, Rice will be implementing its new performance management programs in phases. Please find a description of those phases and the timeframe they will be delivered in below.

Phase Zero

During this phase, members of HR will be meeting with campus stakeholders to learn more about their current performance management efforts and receiving feedback on Rice’s proposed evaluation forms.

Beginning in April, members from HR will be hosting training sessions for all employees. The training will help supervisors and employees understand the management cycle as well as the goal setting process. To locate and sign up for a training, please go here.

Phase One

Beginning in July 2023, supervisors and employees will be setting SMART and performance goals for the 2024 fiscal year.

Phase Two

Beginning in December 2023, supervisors and employees will complete the mid-cycle check-in and review progress towards accomplishing the goals they set back in July.

Phase Three

Beginning in May of 2024, supervisors and employees will complete their end of year performance feedback and evaluation.

Current employees can view more information at the KnOWLedge Café