Prospective Employees

Prospective Employees

Set in the heart of Houston, Texas, Rice is a research university that fosters diversity and an intellectual environment that produces the next generation of leaders and advances tomorrow’s thinking. And there is so much to love about being a Rice employee: comprehensive benefits, inclusive community, access to great services and facilities, and even growing opportunities! Your pay is just a piece of the total value of working at Rice.

As a leading research university with a distinctive commitment to undergraduate education, Rice University aspires to pathbreaking research, unsurpassed teaching, and contributions to the betterment of our world. It seeks to fulfill this mission by cultivating a diverse community of learning and discovery that produces leaders across the spectrum of human endeavor.

Rice University Mission Statement

Our Values


R – "Responsibility is something fundamental to a mission-driven academic community. We need to take responsibility for making Rice better and also for our own happiness and success. And we need to take responsibility for our actions and words and understand how they may impact our friends and colleagues. We especially need to take responsibility for our mistakes. That way we can learn from them and even translate failure into success." Rice's Values


I – "Integrity is one of the strongest threads in Rice’s cultural fabric. In the classroom, office, lab, field of play, in our residential colleges, and in our community engagement, we are guided by our commitment to honesty and doing what’s right. This value is embodied in the notion of Rice’s honor and our Honor Code. We accept nothing less than complete academic and research integrity." Rice's Values


C – "Community reflects our collective aspirations and our obligations to each other. Our success as a community depends first and foremost on our respect for each other, and how we reflect that respect in our everyday interactions. That is especially important as we learn from and build friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The Rice community cares about each member. We hope that individual acts add up to the culture of caring that we espouse. Our shorthand way of expressing this to others in need of some assistance: HCIH– How can I help? As part of our values, we extend hospitality and help to every member of our community." Rice's Values


E – "Finally, excellence. For Rice, that means that as individuals and as a university we are never satisfied with a good result, because we can always find ways to do even better. When I arrived at Rice for the first time more than nine years ago, I was struck by the beauty of the campus and the quality of the education, research, and community service it produced. But I was surrounded by people – trustees, alumni, faculty members, students, staff – who believed that Rice could be better. I am proud to be part of a community that constantly strives to become better." Rice's Values


The RICE MILE came about several years ago at a meeting of Rice’s deans, vice provosts, and vice presidents, where they discussed how important a highly capable staff is to the university’s ability to achieve its ambitious goals and fulfill its mission of teaching, research and the betterment of the world. They talked about what they believed to be the key attributes they looked for – in candidates for Rice jobs, and in their current staff – that would make the difference for Rice and best support our community (staff, faculty & students) in the achievement of our goals. After analyzing the suggestions from the discussion, a consensus was reached and the Rice Mile was created.




Entrepreneurial focus

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Why Work at Rice?

Our Recruitment Philosophy

We strive to make an excellent hire on the spectrum of diversity, not only representative of Houston and the U.S. but also across a multitude of characteristics, perspectives, and ideas. At Rice, we are committed to being an institution that is dedicated to diversity and equity in the workplace.

Every position at Rice - from researchers to dining services, administrative to emergency professionals, custodial services to academic support - is critical to achieving our ambitious goals and fulfilling our mission of teaching, research, and the betterment of the world. Each time we hire a staff member, faculty member, or student employee, we are given the opportunity to enhance this community and demonstrate our values.

Rice faculty, staff, and students share values that are essential to our success as a healthy community and a place to grow and thrive. These values guide our decisions and behaviors and shape Rice's culture. They are visible in the way that we treat each other and the welcome we extend to visitors.

Rice University has a large variety of employment opportunities to explore and each with a unique way to have an impact. As a part of our total compensation package, we offer excellent benefits to meet our employees' needs, including retirement contributions, generous paid time off (PTO), health and wellness initiatives, and much more. We invite you to find your place HERE at Rice University. Imagine the possibilities!

Benefits and Perks

Rice University offers a wide array of benefits and perks, including medical and dental coverage for you and your family, disability coverage, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans, and generous time-off programs. These not only enhance your financial security and well-being but also add significantly to your total compensation.

In order to help you balance work and life, Rice also offers an Employee Assistance Program, child care and back-up child care services, and a wellness program to encourage a healthier lifestyle. The Recreation Center also has a number of programs and activities available to Rice staff to promote and maintain active and healthy living. And as an institution of higher education, Rice encourages learning and ongoing education for the staff with various tuition programs.

Besides the traditional employee benefits, other perks offered to Rice employees include musical offerings from the Shepherd School of Music, full access to the Fondren Library, and free and/or reduced cost to Rice University athletic events. If you would like to take a look at the Rice University campus, please take a few minutes and visit us by taking a virtual tour at

Our total rewards compensation package, or what we call the value of working at Rice, includes a range of benefits easily viewed on our Benefits and Compensation page.

Visiting Campus

Our 300-acre, tree-lined campus features more than 70 major buildings with architectural elements that are uniquely Rice. Learn more about Rice

Directions and Parking


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Visitor Parking

On-campus visitor parking is available in the Cambridge Office Building parking garage, accessible via Entrance 3 off Main Street, or in the Founder’s Court lot, which is accessible via Entrance 2 off Main Street.

In order to park, you must use a credit card in the machine at the entrance gate. Rice University accepts payment for parking from American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. You will use the same credit card used at entry while exiting, otherwise, the computer will not recognize the card.

The Cambridge Office Building parking rate is $1 per 10 minutes with a daily maximum of $12 per entry. Rates for the Founder’s Court lot is $1 per 12 minutes, with the maximum daily rate of $11.00.

If you park in the Founder’s Court Lot, you will need to walk to the Cambridge Office Building near Entrance 3 (located at the intersection of Main Street and Cambridge).

Human Resources is located on the third floor of the Cambridge Office Building.

Join the Team!

In order to be considered, all applicants must complete the online application and attach the required documents.

With our online application, you can include your contact information, education, work experience, salary requirements, and references. You also will be able to attach your resume, a cover letter expressing your interest in the position, and a third document, which might include a list of references, a letter of reference, a writing sample or other examples of work, etc. Any or all of the documents may be required so please take note of which documents have a red asterisk next to them to ensure that your application is complete prior to submission.

If you have any questions, please call us at 713-348-4074 or email us at Thank you for your interest in employment with Rice University.

Rice University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.