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 There are four main types of counseling actions:

  • Informal Counseling
    • First step in notifying employee of performance problems.
    • Can be verbal conversations, but documentation of conversation is still important.
  • Written Counseling
    • Provides documentation and support of problem areas, may involve evoking a "performance review period" or suspension depending on the seriousness and level of concern.
  • Final Written Warning
    • Employee on notice of "last chance" to improve performance.
    • Does involve a "performance review period."
    • May include suspension depending on seriousness of issue and level of concern.
  •  Termination - Do not implement this step without prior review and discussion with Employee Relations.  

Procedures for Taking Counseling/Disciplinary Action 

Key Factors in Analyzing Counseling/Disciplinary Concerns 


If you would like some assistance, please contact Employee Relations. 

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