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    Seasonal flu shots coming in the fall.

    Wellness updates for fiscal year 2015-16 coming soon!

    Rice Wellness Program Overview

    Rice University and Wellness Health Fairs (WHF) have partnered to offer Rice employees a path to better health! The wellness program is also sponsored by the university Benefits Committee, the Staff Advisory Committee and Human Resources.

    The program is a multi-tiered program that offers Health Risk Assessments, Nutrition and Exercise Seminars, Wellness Screenings, and Wellness Coaching.

    Although we want to encourage participation in the entire program, faculty and staff may choose to only participate in select activities. The goal is to help faculty and staff enjoy better health, increased energy levels and a renewed spirit.

    Fiscal Year 2014-2015 is filled with many opportunities participate in a healthy activities.  See the 2014-2015 Wellness Program Guide 

    To learn more about WHF and to view information specific to Rice, visit http://www.wellnesshealthfairs.com/rice.


    Wellness Screenings 2014-2015

    Benefits eligible faculty and staff will receive the following free once per year: 32-Level Chemistry profileBone Density Test and Health Assessment through Mayo Clinic. Spouses may receive these tests and others for minimal fees.

    Flu Shots will also be available during most of the screenings. 

    • September 30 - October 3, 2014 (Wellness Screenings, Flu Shots, and Bone Density Tests),  Ley Student Center, Farnsworth Pavilion from 7:00am-11:00am
    • January 20 - January 22, 2015 (Wellness Screenings and Flu Shots), Ley Student Center, Farnsworth Pavilion from 7:00am-11:00am
    • March 31 - April 2, 2015, (Wellness Screenings Only) Ley Student Center, Farnsworth Pavilion from 7:00am-11:00am
    • June 2 - June 4, 2015, (Wellness Screenings Only) Ley Student Center, Farnsworth Pavilion from 7:00am-11:00am

    No appointment necessary! Please remember to drink plenty of water, take medications as usual, and to also fast for 12 hours before the screening.

    Check out the WHF website for more information: http://www.wellnesshealthfairs.com/rice


    Journey to Wellness 

    From July 1, 2014 to June 10, 2015, you will have the opportunity to track your well being over the course of the entire fiscal year!  Your  Journey to Wellness is a new feature that will enable you to track your participation and progress in various wellness activites.  Participation in the blood draws, health assessments, and wellness paths can lead you to a healthier and rewarding life! 

    To learn more about the program, please view the Journey to Wellness flyer, visit the WHF website http://www.wellnesshealthfairs.com/rice or contact our Wellness Coordinator, Nikki Lemoine at x3538.

    Wellness Coaching

    If you want to make healthy lifestyle changes but are not sure where to begin, a personal Wellness Coach may be your answer. Wellness Coaching goes beyond general health tips, supporting you a personalized plan and ongoing support to help you reach your goals.

    To learn more about coaching with WHF, please see the following information: Rice Wellness Coaching.


    Rice Walking Warriors

    Rice is a beautiful campus, why not take some time to go for a walk and enjoy the trees, flowers, and squirrels! 

    Current walking groups:

    • Tuesdays @ 12:00pm
    • Tuesdays @ 5:00pm
    • Thursdays @ 12:00pm

    Wellness Lunch & Learns

    Each quarter we will focus on a specific wellness topic that is beneficial to you. We would love to hear what topics interest you.


    Tobacco Cessation

    The quickest way to add 7 to 10 years to your life is to quit using tobacco. Easier said than done, though! The average smoker tries to quit at least 7 times before finally succeeding.

    We know that nicotine is an addictive substance that affects the pleasure centers in the user’s brain. Once addicted, it is extremely difficult to stop craving nicotine.

    We also know that there are more people alive today who have quit than who currently smoke! This means that there are lots of successful quitters out there. Quitting for good is an option! Lots of people have chosen this option and you can, too!


    Weight Watchers

    Rice will subsidize half of the cost of meetings for benefits-eligible faculty and staff for either the online Weight Watchers Program, or local community meetings (at this time, we no longer have enough participation to hold meetings on campus). The program is now on a month-to-month basis.

    To enroll, visit http://wellness.weightwatchers.com and use the following employer ID and password under the "New Registration" box:

    • Company ID = 28327
    • Company Passcode = fyPMoVnL

    Once you log in, you will enter your information exactly as it is listed with Rice (specifically, your name, birth date and "Unique ID" which is your employee ID (for example, "E00001234").

    For additional instructions on how to use the new Weight Watchers portal, click here. If you are still experiencing difficulties with the system, please call the Weight Watchers help desk at 1-866-204-2885.

    The cost of the program is $39.95 per month (or $19.97 per month with the 50% subsidy).

    You may enter the program at any time (at a prorated cost) -- simply go to the portal above or one of the scheduled meetings for more information.  

    Other Healthy Links

    • Aetna's GlobalFit -- Aetna members receive discounts on membership at participating, independent health clubs.
    • Aetna Natural Products Information -- Aetna members can order health-related products through Vitamin Advantage or Natural Products.
    • Rice University's Recreation Center -- check out the Specialty Programs (popular among faculty & staff)!
    • Want to get walking? You have several options on our beautiful campus and via the web:
    • Consider walking with a friend around the "outer loop" of campus -- it is about three miles!
    • Join the American Heart Association's Start! program. Start! is the AHA's national movement to get Americans walking all year round, whether at home, at work or somewhere in between. Their focus is simple -- Walk more. Eat well. Live longer. Sign up for the free MyStart!Online page to Start! your journey today!

    The goal for the Rice Wellness Program is a healthier, happier faculty and staff - we hope you enjoy the program and look forward to a healthier you!


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