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Benefits eligible faculty and staff members are enrolled in long-term disability (LTD) insurance that provides coverage of 60% of base salary (less any disability payment payable from Worker's Compensation, Social Security or other legally mandated programs) in the event of total disability to a maximum of $25,000 per month (any amount over $20,000 per month is subject to a pre-existing condition limitation).  Coverage is effective from the date of benefits eligible employment or transfer into a benefits eligible status. 

LTD benefits begin on the 181st day of continuous disability and benefits are payable at the end of each subsequent month during the term of continuous total disability. 

Benefits payments will continue until the earliest of: 

  1. the date you are no longer totally disabled, 
  2. the date you die, or 
  3. the date you reach one of the following age and/or time limits: 
Age when maximum disability starts 

Duration of benefits  

Less than 60 

 To age 65 

60 to 64 

 60 months 

65 to 69 

 To age 70 (but not less than 12 months) 

70 and older 

 12 months 


The university will pay the full cost of LTD coverage.  However, if the university pays your premiums, your benefits (should you become disabled and approved for the benefits) are taxable at the time of payment. 

At initial enrollment or during benefits open enrollment, you may arrange to pay the premium for the LTD insurance yourself through a post-tax payroll deduction, where you pay he cost of the plan.  If you choose to pay, your benefits will not be taxed (should you become disabled and approved for the benefits). 

The cost of coverage is 0.33% of your monthly base salary (at the 60% benefit level). 

Continuation of Benefits

You may continue your benefits such as medical insurance while on disability for up to a year from your initial date of leave from the university (typically, a year from your first absence for this illness/incidence).  To continue benefits, please contact a member of your Benefits Team to set up a payment plan. 

After the anniversary from your initial date of leave, you will be offered COBRA or retiree health and dental insurance, and you may convert life insurance, AD&D and long-term care coverage to individual policies with the insurance carriers. 

Plan Documentation

For more information on your LTD benefits, please review the certificate of insurance. 

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