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The child(ren) life insurance choices are (rates are monthly):

 Coverage Amount 

 What You Pay






The rate is the same regardless of the number of children you cover.  The $10,000 coverage amount requires evidence of insurability for a new employee, and only new election will require evidence of insurability for existing employees during open enrollment.

Additional children will be eligible for $5,000 from the date of birth.  However, you must add a child at the time of birth -- enrollment is not automatic, even if you already have a child covered under the Rice optional child life insurance plan.

Unmarried children to age 25, regardless of student status, are eligible for coverage.

When your covered child reaches the maximum age of 25, it is your responsibility to notify your Benefits Team about this change to request the termination of this coverage.  Failure to notify the Benefits Team does not imply any guarantee of continuing coverage in the plan (and we may not be able to refund premiums paid to the insurance company).

The cost of all life insurance is made with post-tax payroll deductions.  Because the premiums are post-tax, you can drop or reduce your coverage at any time (without a qualifying change of status) with the change effective on the first of the following month.  However, should you later wish to increase your coverage back to the previous level (or any other, higher level) it will be subject to the evidence of insurability again.

Change in Election

  • If you elect new coverage during open enrollment, you will need to complete the evidence of insurability form and return to Human Resources @ MS-92.


Supplemental child life insurance can also be converted or ported within 31 days from when coverage ends.  You must contact the benefits office in order to initiate this process.  View the following for more information: Life Insurance Conversion/Portability 

Schedule of Benefits

For more information about the life insurance plan, please review the Schedule of Benefits. 

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